Friday, June 17, 2016


Happy Friday, y'all! This is going to be a long one so grab a coffee and get comfy! 
I am so happy the weekend is within reach, and that I am finally getting this outfit on the blog! I originally planned to get it up on Wednesday, but when my sister and I went to shoot it, my camera died about 3 minutes in... And it's funny because I had been thinking earlier that I wanted to talk to y'all this post about something that God has been reminding me recently about not comparing myself and my life to others, and the camera dying was just another one of those moments that reinforced that lesson. 

I could take my camera dying in anger and frustration after getting ready to take pictures {spoiler alert: I don't wear a full face of makeup and dress cute all day, errday} and compare myself to other bloggers who shoot with professional photographers or who remember to charge their camera on a regular basis because they get to sit at home all day drinking coffee and playing dress up and online shopping, but the reality is that just because it appears that someone's life is perfect on social media does not mean that their life is actually a fairytale. Your favorite blogger whose social media feed is full of eating breakfast in bed in her designer pajamas and peonies and lipsticks and Valentino heels and all the other things that we envy...guess what? She's not perfect, and just because her social media feed appears to portray a magical life where money grows on trees and marriages are a walk in the park and cooking healthy and delicious dinners every night is a breeze and peonies bloom all year long does not mean that is her reality. The reality is that she probably wears workout clothes and minimal makeup 90% of the time, has to clean up after her tiny, cute curly dog that has accidents in her house,  maybe works a full-time job while running a blogging business, has disagreements with her husband, burns dinner occasionally, and lives on a budget to smartly manage her money! But would you ever gather as much from her social media feed? Probably not because we use social media to show the best parts of our lives {me included!}. 

I'll be honest- most days I go to work {as a nanny} with zero makeup on in workout clothes that might not even match and are definitely not Lululemon, and you know what? Most days I go home in a regular, not accessorized outfit with no makeup on and air dried hair after a shower. I usually grumble to myself about cooking dinner every night. Our laundry is almost never put away, and on rare occasions is our apartment spotless. There's a red stain on our living room rug from a mysterious spilled drink that neither of us remember spilling, our coat closet is so stuffed with junk that opening the door is putting your life in danger, and I can probably count the number of times I've vacuumed our carpet in the last two years on one hand {Wife of the year award, right?}... But you would still never gather all that from my social media feed. 

I framed this as it applies to me, but now that you've read it, take a second and think about who you compare yourself to. Is it an artist you love who seemingly only produces amazing work with every stroke of his/her brush/pen/pencil/etc. and never struggles with writer's block or painter's block {is that even a thing?} or just wanting to give up? Is it your favorite fitness guru who appears to have the perfect body and to never struggle with wanting to eat a piece of pizza & ice cream or contemplating skipping a day at the gym? Is it a mom who appears to have perfect kids who dress like they walked off of a child runway 24/7 and never throw fits and never make messes and never eat junk food or fast food? Is it even a married couple who seem to have a perfect marriage and always want to do everything together and never have fights and never have money problems and never struggle with misunderstandings or bad communication or infertility or the endless other hard things that husbands and wives face? 

The reality is that we don't know always know someone else's reality. D shared an awesome quote last Sunday with our small group by a pastor we have been listening to, Steven Furtick. He was talking about social media when he said, "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." How true is that? How many times have I felt insecure or discouraged about myself or my life because of something I've seen on someone's social media? But y'all, who am I to judge someone's life by only a picture? We don't know what struggles they are facing in their life so why compare?

All this to say that I want to be real about my life. Not that I am assuming my life looks enviable on social media, but I am guilty of sharing what I want y'all to see and deleting what would be less than flattering! So here's the truth... I love my husband, our families, our friends and our life. I love fashion and beautiful things and baking and coffee with mainly creamer. But our life is in no way perfect. I regularly oversleep and have to rush out the door to a full-time job, my car is a place that holds half of my wardrobe and a large variety of items that I swear I'm going to throw in the trash can next time I get gas, D and I are both horrible at communication and we have struggles just like every other married couple, I love junk food, and I don't make it to the gym every day. Less than glamorous, huh? It's okay though because I'm me- a real person with real joys and struggles, and I want to share all of that with you! So that if you are feeling some of these insecurities, you can know that you are not alone! 

Romper {S} | Sandals {6} | Hat | Lips {Backstage Bambi} | Necklace {I made mine inspired by this!}

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I already wrote a book at the beginning ;) I have been wearing this romper non-stop so you need to go buy it, and it's on sale in case you needed another reason! I've linked these outfit details along with some other really similar options that I love in the product widget below so click around to grab your favorites! 

Thank you so much for reading and sharing my heart! If you made it this far, you are a doll! Have an absolutely fabulous Father's Day weekend! 



  1. I love you BECAUSE of the red stain on your carpet (among many many other things...).
    Maybe it's because I'm so fluent in Photoshop that I don't believe what I see on social media. And yet I STILL catch myself going there.

  2. Thank you, Heather! I love you too, sister ;)

  3. Outfit looks great, love the necklace :)

    Kelsey x