Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Hi! I need to apologize for my absentee-ism this week, but I have been sooo busy! I haven't been able to take outfit pics (don't worry- I will be remedying that this weekend- yay!), and I've been apartment hunting and working on my R+F business so my plate has been a little full! Don't worry, I'll figure out my balance again soon and be back on my normal schedule, but today I thought I'd share a few things I've found around the web that I'm loving recently. 

First and most important, my best friend Michelle recently started a blog called Mediumish and did her first outfit post here! She's the funniest {yes, I know funniest isn't a word, but I think most funny sounds...funny} person I know and style ON POINT so go check her out and tell her I sent you ;) 

Pineapples are everywhere recently, and I'm on board...for the most part. Everything in moderation- please don't step out of your house in head to toe pineapple, but I definitely think they have their adorable place. For example, in my belly, a summer BBQ with these cute place card holders, or as a pool float

This super helpful infographic on the shelf life of common foods. I have a bad habit of not paying attention to posted dates on foods... Gross, maybe, BUT *knock on wood* I haven't had food poisoning yet! D is the opposite though so he gets very frustrated if I let him consume milk that had a sell by date of 3 days ago...I also have not given him food poisoning *knock on more wood* yet so I think my system works...the system of ignorance is bliss ;) 

I was the biggest Mary-Kate and Ashley fan...still am...I'm pretty sure I have most of these movies tucked away somewhere so I'm disappointed in myself to admit I only got 8 out of 14 right on this quiz! I guess it's time for a marathon! How many can you get? 

This compilation by A Cup of Jo for hosting a dinner party makes me really want to plan one! 

I have always been obsessed with cheeses...That sounds weird. Oh well, I just love a good cheese plate, and I have FINALLY succeeded in getting D into them also! When we were in Denver, we found this amazing little place called The Truffle Cheese Shop. They had the most delicious selection of meats and cheeses and were so nice to let us stand in there talking to them and sampling everything! We ended up leaving with probably 5 different cheeses and 4 different meats to eat that night and the next day. Our favorite by far had to be a black truffle cheese. OMG, amazing! When we got home, I made a black truffle alfredo sauce out of what was left, and let me tell you, there will be black truffle alfredo in heaven, I just know it. If you're ever in Denver, PLEASE go to the shop AND try their restaurant for us! It looked delicious, but we ran out of time so I need to live eat vicariously through someone! 

And a few inspirations I need to remember to tell myself via Pinterest

So there you have it, a few links to keep you busy on this Wednesday! Have a fab day! 


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