Monday, April 25, 2016


If you know me or if you have simply seen my pictures, you may have noticed that God punished  {JK} gifted me with ghost skin. I am so. very. white. Over the years, after much effort and many sunburns and guilt trips about sun damage later, I've had to come to grips with the fact that I will never be a naturally golden bronze sun goddess who is beautifully tan the second the sun pours through her window every morning while the birds chirp and butterflies fly around her... Bitter? Me? Never! ;) It's okay- I've moved past it...most days. 

Because of this porcelain doll skin {that sounds much better than ghost skin}, I've had to really jump on board the sunless tanning train, and you should too if you haven't yet! Not only because we are way past the days of orange-streaked legs and walking around smelling like...well I'm not even sure how to describe the smell {but I can still smell it from my middle school days, and I KNOW y'all know what smell I'm talking about}, but also because sun=UV rays=sun damaged skin=not cute when you're older. No one wants to look like leather work when they are one. 

Today, I want to share a little bit about how I've mastered an at home tan recently. Besides those questionable sunless tanning lotions of my middle school days that could so easily go orange or get streaky, I hadn't experimented a lot with self tanners until a year or two ago. Before that, if I had an event I wanted to be tan for, I would usually go to a spray tan booth {which I still love}, but I can't afford to do that on a weekly basis so I started looking into sunless tanning products I could apply myself at home. 

I'm going to be completely transparent here and tell you that one of my favorite self tanning products is here from Sephora, but as I started researching Rodan + Fields, I found that they also had a sunless tanning mousse! One of my friends gave me a bottle to try before I ever became a consultant, but I sort of forgot about it for a few months because I already had my "go-to" products. After running out of one of my favorites, I decided to give it a try rather than go pick up another bottle of this other brand, and I was pleasantly surprised that the application was actually a breeze and the color it gives is a really beautiful, natural looking tan! With one application, you'll get a natural shade or two darker. If you want more color, just wait until your first layer is dry and add another! Besides the Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tan being a lot more affordable for the size than the tanning products I had been using before AND {as if anyone needed another reason besides saving money} it contains antioxidant vitamin A, C, and E to protect your skin from free radicals AND D-cell technology which quenches the rate of cell hyper-proliferation which allows for a longer lasting sunless tan! So that was a mouthful, but it just goes to show you there are multiple benefits to this product other than just a good tan! Win, win, win!

So do I still love my former bronzing mousse? Yes, but do I love spending less money on looking tan so I can spend more money on clothes to look tan in? OBVIOUSLY! Just kidding, I only spend my extra money on my handsome hubby ;)

So this is a super long post, but last thing I want to touch on is my tips for best tanning technique!
1. The day before you want to apply the sunless tan, use an in-shower exfoliator on your whole body and shave! If you shave before you apply the tan, then your tan will last longer because shaving takes the color off faster. After your shower, be sure to moisturize so the color won't stick to extra dry areas!
2. Get a tanning mitt! Seriously, it makes the application so easy and basically impossible to end up streaky! I apply the mousse to the mitt, then apply it to the area in circles until it's all blended out. On Saturday, I did my whole body in under 5 minutes! Soo easy plus you don't have to worry about your hands turning orange with the mitt.
3. Be sure to allow the product to fully dry before getting dressed. I think I gave it about 20-30 minutes because I had the time. The color starts developing in 2-4 hours.
4. Apply at night! I do this for two reasons. One- because I am super sensitive to the smell of self tanners, and I cannot stand to walk around being paranoid of people smelling it on me! Haha! So if you apply it at night, you can let it dry and develop over night then shower off the excess layer in the morning, and you'll be left with the beautiful tan without having to worry about the smell. *But honestly, I applied the R+F Sunless Tan on Saturday morning and spent the whole day with people, and no one noticed a thing so it's probably just my paranoia! And two- I do my best to workout at least 4-5 times a week, and if I go to the gym without having showered off the excess color layer, the excess starts dripping with my sweat...Sorry, I know that's gross, but I'm just trying to help you out here. I get circles of color at my elbow creases while running and streaks of color all over. It's not cute, just trust me on this. I, cooly, do my best to rub away the evidence without everyone around me noticing my color is melting. Insert laughing/crying face. This is not just this tanning mousse; it happens with every sunless tanner I've tried so it's just an accepted phenomenon to adding a layer of color to your skin. Shower it off- don't scrub, just rinse!
5. The day after you apply the tan, be sure to moisturize with a color developing lotion like this to continue to extend the life of your tan!

There you are! My sunless tanning routine. Go forth and get you some of this magic! ;) But really, thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! 

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