Monday, April 11, 2016


Has anyone else seen the popular jean shorts brand One Teaspoon? They're baggy, destroyed, and altogether a bit of a hot mess...But they do hot mess so well it looks effortless and chic. I have been loving them recently, but with a price tag around $100 a pair, they don't quite fit into my clothing budget. So I found an old pair of boyfriend fit shorts and decided to do a little DIY to see if I could make my own One Teaspoon shorts! 

These are Gap from a couple years ago, but here is a similar style. Also, these would also be perfect! Depending on how baggy you want them to fit, you might try ordering one size up. I already had these or else I would have! 

First, unroll the hem. Mine had a stitched hem on the seams that I was able to easily snip the stitches. 

I used another pair of shorts I wear regularly for a general guide on length. Your best bet is to mark them a little longer than you think at first and slowly make them shorter as needed. You can always keep cutting more off the length, but you can't add length once it's gone! 

I made small cuts on the inseams and the outer seams of both legs to make sure my cuts would be even. 

Snip! Snip! This step is made much easier with the use of fabric scissors (AKA new scissors that haven't been dulled by paper or other materials). As you can see, I cut the backside a little longer because I do not want my booty hanging out. Not cute. After I made my cuts, I tried them on again and cut more until I reached the look I wanted. I didn't cut mine quite as short as actual One Teaspoon shorts because 1. they aren't as baggy so they don't hang as low and 2. modesty, people, modesty. 

To make the frayed edges, run the "v" of the scissors back and forth along the edges. I also threw mine in the washing machine to really help along the fraying process. 

And here you have it- the finished product! I'd like to add a lot more distressing and roughing up the edges a bit, but I think they are a decent look-a-like for using some old shorts I had on hand! I think for my next pair, I'll be stopping into a thrift shop to pick up some high waisted mom jeans or a pair of mens jeans to get extra baggy and slouchy! 

Thanks for reading!

What do y'all think of these? Are you a One Teaspoon fan also? 

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