Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Welcome to June! I cannot believe we are already almost half way through 2015. Today I thought I'd share some of what we have been up to the past couple of months. Not that this blog has even been around for a couple of months, but why not give y'all a glimpse into the past few months of our lives! 

Easter family crawfish boil!
My cousins Mac and Beecher with my dad and Uncle Tom! 

D & Wyatt
Wy & I 

My beautiful cousins Augusta and Liza 

My sister Alyrose 

Seth's wonderful girlfriend Shannon! She's one of the fam now! 

My super talented cousin Beecher 

My little/big Will

All the cousins

The cousins with the matriarch of the fam- Nanny :) 

Beech and Caleb 

Happy Easter!

Eating out and trying new restaurants is our favorite thing!

D's little brother Marcos! 

Bowling with Dorian's cousin Kristin and her fiancé Tyler!

Happy Mother's Day, Marme!

MIL Becky with three of her kids! We miss Tristan! 

Good ole Wilbur! He's available ladies ;) 

Beecher and Liza giving me an impromptu concert! 

The ladies! 

I love my aunt Janet! 


Partial family selfie! 

Cousins Ezra and Beecher!

Watching my nephew play baseball! Go Cubs!

Lighting our fireplace when it was Noah's Arking outside and the lights were flickering!

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