Tuesday, May 26, 2015


The story of our love as told by Dorian and I!
Hello all of Cassidy blog readers, this is Dorian!
As some of you may know I am the proud thief of this gorgeous woman's heart. She is my best friend, she is a role model to me, she makes me a better man everyday I spend with her. I could not imagine my life without her and now I will never have to.
About two years ago, she was just the gorgeous girl who was probably around my same age who happened to work at the gym. A year later she became my fiancée and now, my wife. I'm getting ahead of myself now though. So back to her being the girl who swiped my ID card. We had shared multiple, longer than normal, hellos and flirty smiles before I finally worked up the courage to talk to her. In that first conversation I pathetically confessed my love for her physical beauty, while also TELLING her she would be mine. Cocky? Ehh maybe, but I wasn't wrong. That first conversation I could hardly get my mind wrapped around the fact that I was finally taking to this girl...and then she told me she was 23....now I had 2 problems. 1) she thinks I'm cocky, crazy, and not 19. 2) I am 19, and have to avoid that question forever. Then she asked....I was done for. I was honest and told her. She then said "well there's other front desk girls that work here, that are around your age I could get one of them?". OUCH, she broke my heart in our first conversation, knowing this wouldn't be easy, I decided to keep pushing. I replied "I don't want to talk to them, I want to talk to you". She must've liked that because a week later I was taking her to the lake for our first date. We sat and talked for 5 straight hours. And I just got a glimpse of her inner beauty, and already it was just as, if not more, beautiful than her face, and have you seen this girls face? I knew she had me wrapped around her finger already, and I let her know it.
It was a dream. I was and will forever be crazy about this girl. And when I wasn't talking to her I was bragging about her or thinking about her. That has not and will never change.
Just to be clear, we have had our fair share of fights and hard times. But we have always gotten better from them, and even when we don't fight, we are getting better daily. That is my definition of perfection. It's the same way we try to live our lives in an attempt to be more like Jesus. We will never be perfect like He was, but we can always continue to get better. We will never have the perfect relationship, but we will always continue to get better. Every day, for the rest of our lives.
I've always been the guy who would take a gloomy rainy day over a bright sunshiny day. Don't know why, that's just who I am. Cassidy gives my life the color that it needs and brightens my days just the way her blue eyes and big smile brighten up a room. That's all the color I need in my life, for the rest of my life.
"I want to marry you beneath the sweet soft southern sky, I want to lie with you until the day that I die, I will hold you in my arms until the morning light, you and I will know where we sleep tight"

Can you imagine all the things running through my head when this 19 year old was telling me that I would be HIS?!
For some reason that day, despite our age difference, I felt like The Lord was giving me a push in the same direction, not away. I think I fell in love with his smile the first time he shot it at me while I was checking him in. I fell in love with his silliness and personality the first time he stopped to talk to me for the entire end of my shift! And I was an absolute goo goo eyed mess after the night we went to the lake together and talked and laughed for hours! We've spent the last two years having the time of our lives. From our late night trip to the lake after work to amazing dinners on the riverwalk to surprise flowers to meeting the families to a trip to Chicago to our first holidays together to getting engaged then MARRIED, the time with my handsome gentleman has been like the best dream, and now we get to live it with each other forever!
I am crazy in love with my handsome man. He's sweet, he's thoughtful and caring, and if I'm REAL sick he'll even do the dishes for me ;)! He claims that I've had him wrapped around my finger since day one, but I'd argue that I'm wrapped around all of his fingers. When I think of his happiness, that is what makes me happy, and I am always of thinking about how to make us better and even happier together. We have goals to work towards together and separately, and we encourage the other to keep reaching for them!
We've had our ups and downs, but the important thing is that we've always made it through the hard days and always come out stronger! We will get better constantly, move forward, push each other, push ourselves, become stronger! It takes hard work, but that's what we both will put into each other forever. Team work, trust, honesty, laughs, loves, tears, years, silliness, smiles; I'm so blessed to have all of these with Dorian.

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