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Hi y'all! So since this is my blog and obviously all about me, you're going to be hearing a lot about some people that are so very important in my life. I figure it'll be fun to go ahead and introduce them to you now! This in NO way covers ALL of our family, but these people are a part of what makes me who I am and I would be no where without their unconditional love and support!
Let's begin...
IMG_7502aMy husband Dorian... AKA Dor, AKA D, AKA hubby, AKA hubster, AKA hubs... I think you get the picture. He's a total man's man- hunter, fisherman, lover of guns, tools, and work out equipment...You name it. He sets his sights on what he wants and he goes after it with all his heart. That's exactly how he got me, after all! ;) I could go on and on about him, but to spare you all the mushy stuff, I will use two words that epitomize him- loving and loyal. Dedicated always to God, country, and family!

Now to introduce my family- The Chessers:IMG_7190
IMG_7174My daddy- the man I have looked up to my whole life to set an example for the kind of man I wanted to marry! Also a total man's man, but the most caring, loving and protective dad I could have asked for. He can fix anything, and he always puts his family before everything else.


My mommy- AKA Marme or Marmes (and any other variety of nicknames that spin off of Marme). My role model. The epitome of the type of Godly woman, wife, and mother I want to be! She is absolutely the most selfless person I know, and my original shopping partner :)


My sister, Alyrose- AKA Rosie. The oldest of the siblings. Mommy to my sweet nephew, Wyatt. She's an elementary school teacher so that should tell you a lot right there. It takes a special kind of angel to be a teacher! She has the best personality, bubbly and infectious. People absolutely love to be around her, and good thing- because she is always looking for new victims to talk their ear off ;)

My brother #1, Seth- AKA Sethly, AKA manly man jr #1. The oldest of the boys and one year younger than me. One of the top three brothers in the world ;) Even though he is younger, he has always been protective of me. His silly, fun-loving personality can always make everyone laugh, but he is also the most loving person to the people who are important to him.


My brother #2, Caleb- AKA Kay, AKA manly man jr #2. Another of the top three brothers in the world :) He is the most level headed of all the kids, but he has the best sense of humor- so quick on his feet and will have a comeback for anything you throw at him. He has a quieter personality like me, but he will always stand up for and protect the people he loves without hesitation.


My brother #3, Will- AKA Wilbur, AKA my baby brother, AKA manly man jr #3. Last, but definitely not least of the top three brothers in the world ;) Will is the sweetest of everyone (even though he might kill me for saying it). Even as the youngest, he is so protective of the whole family, and I am the most protective of him because I know that he has the biggest heart and so much room to care for and protect the people he loves.

My nephew, Wyatt- AKA Beebs. This little/big guy has brought so much joy to all of our lives. He is a tough guy and gentleman. He adores his mommy and nonny (Marme), and he looks up to his Papa (my dad) and uncles to be just like them!

Thank you for reading and letting me share some of the people I love most in the world!
Cassidy Rae

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